Tuesday, June 18, 2013

EDITING: Facts of Life

The people of today must have self-trust, confidence...enough courage in themselves. In most cases...the story is very painful and different. Thus, trust in oneself is forsaken and it gives room to distrust and weakness of the mind and spirit. The reason most people hope for something and receive another is for the simple fact that they don't push harder or enough...lose hope and have less faith in themselves. Also, they can't reach out to achieve their goals which is basically caused by negative thoughts. There must be some type of confidence in oneself to be able to get up in the morning to go to work. Also, there must be this willingness to pass through the same process on a daily basis.... For example, a person needs to think positively in pursuing a career so as to get a positive result as the out come. However, due to curses in life either by parent(s) or outsider(s). Some people having been cursed verbally think that such curses might affect their lives and accept and believe in those curses; instead of refusing and fighting back curses. Hence, people get so weak and tired of life that they just want to accept a fault that they did not commit. So they accept the curse(s) as a punishment that must be served. Editing: Facts of Life


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