Tuesday, June 18, 2013

INTRODUCTION: 'Mini Book...'


                                         A BRIEF OF THE BOOK

The use of vowels and consonants in our everyday lives.  How to apply parts of speech in our daily speech and communication with others.  The use of figurative language, and the essential ways to apply them.  Syllables, the way to separate one or more syllables in order to pronounce correctly.  Also, the use of compound words and how they can be separated and rejoined back again.  Unfamiliar words are words that one needs to check carefully by using the dictionary to find their base words.  Also, prefixes and suffixes help a lot in either changing or adding to the meaning of a word or otherwise, adding a different meaning to a word.  The ways to write dates, time, and names in abbreviation forms aid to show the shortened form of writing words, letters or numbers done in a faster way or form.


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