Wednesday, August 13, 2014

'Views of Today: Chapter 1, Pages 3 - 6

Good Deeds and Doing it Well

     Life itself is not an easy process--so I want to start by saying that people can start from somewhere in trying to deal with life's situations. I've had to learn the hard way growing-up as a child--and by so doing there are things that I would not do a second time around, but also there are those that I would not give up trying to achieve--because in order for one to improve one's life; then such a person should not give up easily ... but must keep on trying as best as possible to advance one's life....

Truly, people are blessed in different ways: One could be blessed through hard-work, another could be blessed through inheritance, and lastly someone else could be blessed through what we call born with a silver-spoon, or born into a wealthy family--but the key point here remains the same, being blessed through one or multiple sources, which is by God, luck, hard-work, or inheritance.
The best 'blessing' of all is through hard-work and long endurance which is through our creator--and one born with a silver spoon which is made possible by our creator. All these being said short or long-term--'cause a blessing is a blessing. Work hard and wait patiently to receive yours. "'Today is today, yesterday was yesterday, and tomorrow will be tomorrow' -- so one should focus on today 'cause 'morrow's not promised to anyone. Only make plans for the future."

What's essential in life is that we have been given opportunity upon opportunity to start afresh on a daily basis. So that being said, one can 'pick or choose' what he or she prefers to do everyday. We make plans for tomorrow, but those plans may be fulfilled or not, because it depends on if we are 'here' the following day. But the plans made for the future are long lasting and also depending on how it was advised and prepared by such individuals....

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