Wednesday, August 13, 2014

'Views of Today's Chapter Book: Chapter 1, Pages 1 & 2

My Quotes

     'The best 'blessing' of all is through hard-work and long endurance, which is through...God.' I know truly that we can do so many things if we set our minds to do just that, or even more. I have had discussions with so many people that have pointed out their different views about life. But one thing remains the same...'cause we have more people wanting change and less hoping to stay or remain the same.

"Being good goes a long way to achieving a lot, or much more." "You don't have to be exactly the way a person or one wants you to be, but you can still be a good person."

     "As good as it is to specify things, but when it comes to a person I would rather look at one in a ... generalized form by weighing the good and the bad...." "In life it's always good to meet someone somewhere. But don't allow a person to meet you all the way. Make an 'effort' to meet at an 'even or odd' point. At least an effort was made."

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